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My name is Sandra Walsh, and I am a digital nomad.

After 30-something years working in the pay-cheque world, I decided to trade in my business suit for yoga pants and a Macbook and strike out on my own. When my boys left home, I realized that I was free to simplify and reevaluate what was important in my life.

I moved a lot when I was a kid, and the excitement of discovering a new place has always stayed with me. I like to be somewhere long enough to get a feel for the culture and the energy and to connect with the few of local people.

Finally deciding a few years ago to “officially” hang up my virtual shingle as a website builder came down to a few simple things:

  • I love to collaborate with people and teams that are passionate about what they do
  • I love project-based work – focus, intense creativity, solving new problems, creative collaboration, delivering a superb site for my clients
  • I’m a geek at heart and love to code – getting that design, feature or function to work “just right” gets my feel-good hormones going
  • I want the freedom to travel while I work
  • I want to choose how I spend my time and not give up what matters to me – impromptu hikes, 2-hour yoga classes, time with family and friends, time to read

So I no longer work a structured 60-hour week – yay! But when I am on a client project, I get totally immersed and find the hours just fly by. I dream up ideas and solutions in my sleep, and can’t wait to try them out as soon as I wake up.

For me, this kind of work is FUN!

Why working with me might be a good fit for you and for your great idea

  • I bring all my years of marketing and online technology experience in the corporate world to your project, without the big price tag that an agency might charge
  • I have access to fabulous associates that I can bring on to your project team as needed – designers, writers, photographers…
  • I’m an entrepreneur, just like you, so I know the time and commitment it takes to run a small business. Being flexible is part of the gig.

So let’s talk!

Send me a note and tell me a little about your great idea.  I offer a free, no obligation 30-minute phone call so that you can better decide if working together is the right choice for growing your great idea.

I look forward to a wonderful and productive collaboration!

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