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Move your business forward with knowledgeable, responsive guidance

Running a small business is both exciting and challenging. Your passion for and commitment to your great idea will carry you far.

But if you are like most busy entrepreneurs, you may not have the time nor the specialized expertise to devote to creating a website and formulating an effective marketing plan that you know will take your business to the next level. There are only so many hours in a day! You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed by all the details and tasks that demand your attention and realize that you are working in reactive—rather than proactive—mode.

I can help you make some order out the chaos and get you get back in control of your day.

Grow your business

The most effective way to grow your business is to build trust with your target audience. Having a beautiful, user-friendly website paired with a strong online marketing strategy are essential for business success in today’s Internet-dependent world.

Whether you’re new to the online world, or ready to step up your game, I have the experience and the expertise – as well as the “people skills” – to make managing this process accessible, enjoyable, and rewarding.

More than just a website – an Integrated Online Presence

Your website is the cornerstone of your online marketing strategy. The time and money you invest in developing your site should result in the best possible outcome for your business. But if you are serious about getting the word out about your great idea, your website is only the start. I can guide you through every step of crafting a powerful online presence, and then show you how to leverage your investment with marketing campaigns that will help your business grow.

In my one-on-one, responsive consulting sessions, I can help you:

  • Clarify your online marketing goals for the next six months, the next year, or the next five years
  • Budget out the costs related to your projects, and decide which of these will give you the best return on your investment
  • Plan how to proceed with your tasks most effectively (for instance, should you work on that one big task first, or chip away at a bunch of smaller tasks?)
  • Identify if any of your tasks are recurring and find ways to automate them and improve efficiency
  • Build and execute a clear and compelling communication plan
  • Learn how to tap into the power of WordPress (it’s really easy!). Manage your own content updates, add new products, and even update your sites plugin’s – we can get as techy as you like.
  • Set up an email Newsletter
  • Drive visitors to your website via targeted Facebook ads or Google AdWords
  • Organize and promote an event
    • connect with your audience through online event promotions
    • send out electronic invitations
    • set up on-line registration
    • get feedback via a post-event online survey

I invite you to review my small business consulting packages and consider which package could help you get unstuck and into the flow.

There is a package to suit every budget, and you decide what you what to focus on during our time together. Depending on your available time and your location, we can meet by phone, by video call, or in person.

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